1st post in 2009!
Omg I've not been updating for a long time. Now this is my first post in 2009 lol.
Ok shall blog bout the chalet last week.

Last week had chalet. I had fun. Moving on...

I'm not working this whole week except on friday, sat, sunday. So that gives me alot of free time.
And most of the time I'm actually dotaing. How nerdier can I be? O-O
I don't even know when is the release of the O level results. Then again, no one knows..?
The thought of the day coming closer makes me scared. And my mum will say : last time not scared now then scared, too late luh.

Pls talk to me on msn or my social life will come to an end.

P.S We The Kings makes funny videos on youtube lol!

What a nightmare....except it wasn't a dream.
I'm home. At the wrong time. I'm too early.
My work shift is 6-10 and guess why I'm home at 9.15?
It's because I read the time wrongly on the clock at my workplace. Fuck it.
Now I think I will have to do extra time on another day.

Oh and.. Merry christmas all. And screw clocks.

Christmas eve!
Happy christmas eve day! Yay......................................................................
Since its christmas eve, I'm going to write a short story about a gingerbread man.

--- How Yanyi's lunch becomes her last meal ---

"Hey hey hey I want that gingerbread man!" Yanyi said.

"No you can't have it!" Shopkeeper said.

"But I want it!" Yanyi said.

"No you can't!" Shopkeeper said.

"But I want it!" Yanyi said.

"No you can't!" Shopkeeper said.

"But I want it!" Yanyi said.

"No you can't!" Shopkeeper said.

"But I want it!" Yanyi said.

"No you can't!" Shopkeeper said.

"But I want it!" Yanyi said.

"No you can't!" Shopkeeper said.

"But I want it!" Yanyi said.

"No you can't!" Shopkeeper said.

"But I want it!" Yanyi said.

"No you can't!" Shopkeeper said.

"But I want it!" Yanyi said.

"Oh ok." Shopkeeper said.

"Yay......." Yanyi said.

Yanyi begins to bite into her gingerbread man. *Munch munch* Its so delicious that she wants one more but she is too fat and full to have another gingerbread man. So she decided to leave. She goes home and slacks for like 4 hours until its bedtime.
Then she goes to bed.

She finally fell asleep after lying on the bed for 10 mins. Or maybe 15 mins. Or whatever makes you happy.
The windows were closed before she slept. The curtains were drawn. Something was outside. Something angry. Something evil.
A shadow fell onto the window. The curtains begins to beat onto each other as the window creaked open.
Dum dum dum.
A gingerbread man appears. A pale, white gingerbread man. Floating around. Floating towards yanyi, who is still oblivious of her surroundings.

The man wants revenge. Revenge for being eaten by this girl.
So he sucked the life out of Yanyi and she never woke up.....

*There is no resemblance in the characters in the story with any real-life person on this living planet.

Scary right. My story. Gives you shivers right. I got picture somemore. Find yanyi's ghost gingerbreadman in the pic. So white.

And the reason for the gingerbreadman post is cause my juniors baked one for me too! Thanks so much!
I so appreciates it! :D

Mine still looks the most awesome :D

Me go sleepy then. Got work tomorrow. Yawns........

I can't post the photos now, since the cam is with my dad. Actually that's just an excuse cause I'm just too lazy to get it from him and upload the peeks to the com.

I went to find a job yesterday.  I got it. Started work today.

That's a very brief summary of what happened yesterday and today.
Work is very tiring! Must stand at restaurant whole day. And I finally understand how hard giving flyers (sp?) are.
Its so depressing when only 1 out of 20 people you ask accepts the flyer.

Money is hard to earn....
But then I think I earned $48 today. :D

I'm now going to enjoy the comforts of sitting on the chair and feeling my ass again. That sounds wrong.

China trip. 1 and a half thumbs up.
Hello guys! I'm finally back from china! The trip lasted 8 days and I'm back yesterday or technically today morning. About 1 am.
So I'm going to blog about the trip.
I'm not gonna write those day 1 - 8 crap, instead I'm going to summarize. I'm not going to blog according to timeline so you are not stupid if you are lost. Btw money exchange rate : 1 SGD = 4.57 RMB

The trip to China was surprisingly fun. The food there was awesome, probably because we ate at restaurants everyday. For every meal. HAHAHA.

The touring sucks though, I don't really care bout the history of china. My dad bugged me about that though. Went to visit boring artifacts and famous places in China. Only famous place I enjoyed is climbing the great wall. Kinda fun. Ate ice-cream in the cold weather too. It was part-torture and part-somethingnice. =/
Am not really good at phrasing LOL.

Anyway, the shopping there was also fun. Usually I hate shopping for clothes with my parents. But this time in China, I got a rather good glimpse of how some shopping malls work. 2 shopping mall I went has the same customs.
The mall is made this way - left = shops, right = shops, middle = aisle to walk. So we(family) walked down the aisle looking at the clothes. Every few seconds we will experience a tug-o-war.
The shopkeeper will pull on our clothes and ask us to buy the products. And they will quote a ridiculously huge sum of money for a product.
For example, the shopkeeper is trying to sell this luggage. Initially she quoted 500 rmb. Then we refused and we offered 100 rmb.
They say too low. We turn to go. Shopkeeper offer 200 rmb. We continue walk. She offers 150 rmb. We walk back and offered 130 rmb. She ask for 140 rmb. We insisted on 130. We won the battle and we got the luggage for 130 rmb which is around 29 SGD which is damn cheap. =D
I got 2 hoodies for 30 SGD I think. And a jeans for 20 SGD. I estimated it.
But I don't really like one thing about the tour = too lil shopping time. Since we have a tour guide we don't have flexible time.
Time is limited and we only got like 2 hours for shopping.

Somehow I managed to summarize mostly the whole 8 days of trip in just 3 paragraphs. :D
I did exclude some parts in the summary like ski-ing and going to the theme park there since I'm feeling very lazy.
Lazy seems to be a rather popular word in my dictionary these days. =/

I'll post pics in the next post next time.

(no subject)
I'm going to china..

Looking for identical hand twin!
Izzad's been pressing me to post but I have nothing interesting to post out of my ordinary life. >.>
Sorry for not posting for... let me see... roughly a week?

Scram if you have been expecting a diary of a secret-agent-cum-circus-trainer. I'm just a student that has nothing to do during the holidays and staying at home doesn't really give me any excitement. Life at home is mostly spent on watching shows or dota-ing.
I don't think I can find a job, sakae freaking didn't call. They said they will call whether they accept or not!
Well, since I'm going overseas next week I don't think anyone would hire me..? Who would hire someone that would be absent for the first week..?
I would then have to rely on my mum for money, who relies on my dad for money, since he is the sole breadwinner in the family.

Btw, went for mr lim's wedding yesterday. I think its so cool. And its rare to see him being a gentleman.
The food there is awesome, and being the cheapos there, us, the 4r1 guys, went to eat first thing during the phototaking session.
I am so satisfied :D
Too bad for those that didn't get any food while they were being polite and stuff =/
I feel so mean hehehehehehehe.

Went to vivo for a while after the wedding and slacked at the toys r us there.
Goofed around with the toys and took a few idiotic pictures.
I'll leave 1 pic here and I'll go dota or watch my shows.

Ciaossu! :D

Mundane life
Hi all. I think that my life is getting duller and duller.
More time is spent playing my games than actually using it meaningfully.
Went back school in the morning to pass books to juniors.

Went to tmall after that to find shoes for prom. I got a new converse shoe!
I think it resembles yaozhi's birthday shoe or something.
I still can use it on other days other than prom.
Can't find any black shoe-laces, out-of-stock. That means that I would have to go find black shoe-laces another day.
So sianz.
Ate my lunch at MosBurger. The person spammed my burger with gravy, making a whole mess out of the paper.
I felt like a pig at that time, eating until so unglam.

Went to blade during evening. I realised that I deproved and kept losing my balance. Never fall though.
I think there's some factors.
1: Ice-skating made me lose touch.
2: Out of touch of blading for quite a while.

I think its the latter, well, don't blame it on ice-skating. >.>
Perhaps I should go back to blading everyday. Hope that the weather every evening is good otherwise this plan would be foiled.

Swimming tomorrow morning again, looking forward to it!
Only 4 people going tomorrow though =/
Oh wells, I probably should get to sleep otherwise I will not be able to wake up tomorrow.


Happy birthday to myself! :D

I had fun today! Went to kallang to ice skate with qihao, koknam,zengmei,caiyan,jiahao and chankai! NO SPECIFIC ORDER!
Thanks to all of you that wished me happy birthday and to those especially that spent time with me! :D

Skating is hazardous! So many people got injured LOL!
Everyone said that the shoes hurt their feet, my toes hurt too, but I could tahan.
Ice skating =/= Blading . Only some part are similar but ice skating not much friction.

Irrelavant : There's a fking mosquito in my room now. DIE! >:O

Continuing, I think I'm quite pro at ice skating LOL! I never fall at all, but still wobbly.
Poor koknam injured his leg and zengmei sprained her leg. Ouch. Well, get well soon!
I feel bad that they got injured while keeping me company on my BD. D:

I realized that mountain dew tastes really good. Nice color too!
All in all, I had fun!

They also lied to me that the present they giving me is a pogo stick. When I opened it, it turned out to be some kind of modified skateboard. It's called the swaveboard or something. It's really difficult to play, but I bet I'll look damn cool if I master it! 

Thanks for everything guys!

It's Morphin' Time!

I promised this to a couple of friends, so here it is! ITS MORPHIN TIME!


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