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HELL YEAH! I saw a torrent on mininova that says Chuck episode 14!
Gonna dl it and hope its not fake. Zad told me that there won't be chuck this week lol.

Went out with Fiz, Zad and Jerm to pasir ris park to blade/cycle.
Was fun, bad location though. I always hear people saying that we can get to ECP from PRP. But I have no idea which way to go.
I want to try that sometime, but I will not be blading. Too tiring.

What should I do now......?
My mum ask me to go to the library and borrow some books regarding psychology. I think that's a good idea lol.
Some people say psychology don't suit me. I don't like people saying that I choosed the wrong course or made the wrong decision.
Nothing can be changed and I will still stand by my decision.
Hope that I'm right.

P.S: Jason Mraz sings a song about sex LOL. It's called butterfly. Check it out on youtube and read the lyrics. Dirty but nice song.


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