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Loneliness is a friend of mine

I just collected my salary today and its a whopping $185.50. Note the 50 cents.
It's actually $186 but they dock it 50 cents cause of some CDAC thingy.

Anyways, I spent 1 week at home doing nothing except gaming. And guitar and chocolates to accompany me.
Technically, it wasn't 1 whole week.
I think it was tuesday? when jiahao,koknam and yaoyi came to visit me. That was the only bit of fun I've had for this week.
And since I have not received a phone call from MJC, I don't think I'm accepted. Oh well, their loss.
Have to find something to make it seem like its not my fault that they don't accept me :D
And I've thought about this, and TP doesn't really seem like a bad choice.
So I've made my peace with it already. Hopefully TP accepts my appeal to change my course to psychology studies.

Saw some hai sing girls passing by my house, pointing to the grass : OMG GOT ANTS SIA!
Like duh. Its singapore. 

I'm suddenly craving for some roast duck. Weird.
That girl - McFly is currently on repeat on my itunes. Any movies nice to recommend?
Too bored, too bored...


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