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MJC / TPoly?

Sup yooooooooooooooooooo!

I just came home from a long day with friends!
Went to Mrs Pong and Mrs Teh house for visiting!
And got hongbao! Yay! And I'm using exclaimation marks like its free! And yes its free!
Sue me if you're not happy!

Well, as I was saying, we went to Mrs Pong's house first. And we kind of used her place as a gambling den LOL.
Played blackjack and I won $13 LOLOL. I feel damn smug when I post that. =D
And after visiting Mrs Pong, we proceeded to Mrs Teh's house.
Her house is so big la! Lol, 10 years later I will buy a house that is better than that hahaha!

After visiting Mrs Teh, went to have steamboat at ECP. $15... I don't think its worth it. I don't think the food is worth it, but I still had fun eating with the peeps.

Sian I am having trouble deciding to appeal to which sch. Either MJC or TP: Psychology studies.
I don't even know why I put Communications and Media Management in my 2nd choice. Now stuck there.
Gonna appeal both 1st and 3rd choice if possible :D
I am so jealous of those going school on monday. And those words are coming from me. I feel schoolsick lol.

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