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Yay to jonnnnnnnnnnnnn for teaching me how to watch friends on youtube. Lmao last time I searched " Friends s06e09" on youtube and always give one video which is in a language called Przjaciele. Believe me, its a real language. And I feel so ignorant now.

Anyway, had practice today morning for the alumni performance. Ate lunch at canteen after that.
The food there is.... eh. Not that awesome. And its expensive :(
Oh and I just remembered I need to buy a red shirt for the performance. I have a red hoodie but I feel that its too conspicuous. And btw is hoodie spelt that way? A million dollar question..

I feel like a dork. Like a geek. Like nerd. Been using com A LOT these days. When I'm home that is.
I need to cut down on using the com, otherwise if school starts I won't be used to studying.
Time to waste money studying at BK again..?

I've known qihao for 10 years lol! And its like, we are going on our separate ways soon. So sad, inorite.
Sigh, I think I'll miss a lot of people. Just hope that we can all come together frequently to chat.
I keep pretending that I don't care about a lot of things, but I think I'm just escaping reality. Time continues moving even if you stop doing whatever you are doing. It's too late to think...huh?

Wow, I'm good at changing the mood.
CNY coming soon, not in the least excited. I hate CNY LOL. Stupid occasion me thinks. Only the hongbao part is cool, but the rest can just suck balls. I'm still sick now dammit. Sore throat. And there's a lot of phlegm activity inside my throat. Ulcers hurt too. :(
Get well soon dion.

Foshizzlez byez.

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Yeah I think it's spelt as hoodie. Anw, get well soon! Drink lotsa water. It works miracle. Maybe because abt 70% of the human mass is water? So you can kinda "replace your parts" by drinking and excreting more water? :)

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