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I'm feeling very bloated now. Sigh, I should never eat 2 McChicken and teriyaki chicken + chawanmushi for dinner.
Now I'm hoping it would digest very fast in my stomach so I can sleep soundly.
Hopefully I can get my guitar tomorrow :D

Now that I don't have a job my life has been rather aimless. Waiting for the school posting results now.
I'm having second thoughts for putting poly for my 2nd - 12th choice. I'm too lazy to shop for clothes if I'm really posted to a poly.
Friends is loading very slow for me this few days. Been up to season 6 only. I know, very slow right.

February would be a happy month. Heard that chuck and other shows would be showing again during feb :D
That is something to look forward to, but if MJC accepts me, I should not have enough time to watch shows.

Naruto has become more exciting recently. I feel like a nerd. And up till now I haven't posted my china trip pictures.
I'm just too lazy to upload it to my com. And livejournal cannot upload the pics fast enough. I think..? Must upload 1 by 1.

This few days is rather windy. I like :D
But I'm down with flu I think. Been sneezing a lot. Or maybe its just the dust in my room. Feels like sitting at the park. Which is rather random since parks don't have dust. Oh god I'm so bored.

Someone lend me Friends dvd yeah :D

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Go take Antacid tablets.

I figured its not healthy. Don't feel like my body would absorb any of the nutrients. And I'm saving it for emergency lol, since its finishing soon hahaha. Let my body naturally digest bah. ;o


Heheh, yeah. I got my geeter woo
Jealous much? :D

umm, youtube can watch friends too you know-.-

I want whole episode de leh!
And I want it in english. Link pls? :D

yea can what, for example, you want watch friends the episode '' the on with the ball''
go youtube search there type
'' friends- the one with the ball''

den can watch le lor, but dey separate it into different parts la

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