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Thank god.
Omg I swear I'm damn happy.
My studying at BK paid off at last. Should not hold the suspense any more!
L1R5  : 12
L1R4 :   9

Anyway, a lot of bullshit today.
Mr tan and others don't allow people with long hair/colored hair to enter the school.
Bastard sia, last day of school also like that. In the end asked gaoyang help me cut the back a bit.
A lot of others climbed in the school by the back door lmao.

On the whole, I'm damn happy. Thank god so much!1!!!!!11!!1!!1!

P.S : McFly rocks!

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Your hair kena caught ah? They didn't allow you to enter the school?

WHAT THE HELL! So short also can get caught.
They catch you in the hall or when you enter school? If you enter the school with one whole group of people?

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