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1st post in 2009!
Omg I've not been updating for a long time. Now this is my first post in 2009 lol.
Ok shall blog bout the chalet last week.

Last week had chalet. I had fun. Moving on...

I'm not working this whole week except on friday, sat, sunday. So that gives me alot of free time.
And most of the time I'm actually dotaing. How nerdier can I be? O-O
I don't even know when is the release of the O level results. Then again, no one knows..?
The thought of the day coming closer makes me scared. And my mum will say : last time not scared now then scared, too late luh.

Pls talk to me on msn or my social life will come to an end.

P.S We The Kings makes funny videos on youtube lol!


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