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It kinda pisses me off when you order me around

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It's so difficult to talk, when you can't talk.

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I just finished watching friends :(

EDIT: Using tumblr now. FOLLOW ME :)

HELL YEAH! I saw a torrent on mininova that says Chuck episode 14!
Gonna dl it and hope its not fake. Zad told me that there won't be chuck this week lol.

Went out with Fiz, Zad and Jerm to pasir ris park to blade/cycle.
Was fun, bad location though. I always hear people saying that we can get to ECP from PRP. But I have no idea which way to go.
I want to try that sometime, but I will not be blading. Too tiring.

What should I do now......?
My mum ask me to go to the library and borrow some books regarding psychology. I think that's a good idea lol.
Some people say psychology don't suit me. I don't like people saying that I choosed the wrong course or made the wrong decision.
Nothing can be changed and I will still stand by my decision.
Hope that I'm right.

P.S: Jason Mraz sings a song about sex LOL. It's called butterfly. Check it out on youtube and read the lyrics. Dirty but nice song.

Loneliness is a friend of mine

I just collected my salary today and its a whopping $185.50. Note the 50 cents.
It's actually $186 but they dock it 50 cents cause of some CDAC thingy.

Anyways, I spent 1 week at home doing nothing except gaming. And guitar and chocolates to accompany me.
Technically, it wasn't 1 whole week.
I think it was tuesday? when jiahao,koknam and yaoyi came to visit me. That was the only bit of fun I've had for this week.
And since I have not received a phone call from MJC, I don't think I'm accepted. Oh well, their loss.
Have to find something to make it seem like its not my fault that they don't accept me :D
And I've thought about this, and TP doesn't really seem like a bad choice.
So I've made my peace with it already. Hopefully TP accepts my appeal to change my course to psychology studies.

Saw some hai sing girls passing by my house, pointing to the grass : OMG GOT ANTS SIA!
Like duh. Its singapore. 

I'm suddenly craving for some roast duck. Weird.
That girl - McFly is currently on repeat on my itunes. Any movies nice to recommend?
Too bored, too bored...

MJC / TPoly?
Sup yooooooooooooooooooo!

I just came home from a long day with friends!
Went to Mrs Pong and Mrs Teh house for visiting!
And got hongbao! Yay! And I'm using exclaimation marks like its free! And yes its free!
Sue me if you're not happy!

Well, as I was saying, we went to Mrs Pong's house first. And we kind of used her place as a gambling den LOL.
Played blackjack and I won $13 LOLOL. I feel damn smug when I post that. =D
And after visiting Mrs Pong, we proceeded to Mrs Teh's house.
Her house is so big la! Lol, 10 years later I will buy a house that is better than that hahaha!

After visiting Mrs Teh, went to have steamboat at ECP. $15... I don't think its worth it. I don't think the food is worth it, but I still had fun eating with the peeps.

Sian I am having trouble deciding to appeal to which sch. Either MJC or TP: Psychology studies.
I don't even know why I put Communications and Media Management in my 2nd choice. Now stuck there.
Gonna appeal both 1st and 3rd choice if possible :D
I am so jealous of those going school on monday. And those words are coming from me. I feel schoolsick lol.



Yay to jonnnnnnnnnnnnn for teaching me how to watch friends on youtube. Lmao last time I searched " Friends s06e09" on youtube and always give one video which is in a language called Przjaciele. Believe me, its a real language. And I feel so ignorant now.

Anyway, had practice today morning for the alumni performance. Ate lunch at canteen after that.
The food there is.... eh. Not that awesome. And its expensive :(
Oh and I just remembered I need to buy a red shirt for the performance. I have a red hoodie but I feel that its too conspicuous. And btw is hoodie spelt that way? A million dollar question..

I feel like a dork. Like a geek. Like nerd. Been using com A LOT these days. When I'm home that is.
I need to cut down on using the com, otherwise if school starts I won't be used to studying.
Time to waste money studying at BK again..?

I've known qihao for 10 years lol! And its like, we are going on our separate ways soon. So sad, inorite.
Sigh, I think I'll miss a lot of people. Just hope that we can all come together frequently to chat.
I keep pretending that I don't care about a lot of things, but I think I'm just escaping reality. Time continues moving even if you stop doing whatever you are doing. It's too late to think...huh?

Wow, I'm good at changing the mood.
CNY coming soon, not in the least excited. I hate CNY LOL. Stupid occasion me thinks. Only the hongbao part is cool, but the rest can just suck balls. I'm still sick now dammit. Sore throat. And there's a lot of phlegm activity inside my throat. Ulcers hurt too. :(
Get well soon dion.

Foshizzlez byez.

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I'm feeling very bloated now. Sigh, I should never eat 2 McChicken and teriyaki chicken + chawanmushi for dinner.
Now I'm hoping it would digest very fast in my stomach so I can sleep soundly.
Hopefully I can get my guitar tomorrow :D

Now that I don't have a job my life has been rather aimless. Waiting for the school posting results now.
I'm having second thoughts for putting poly for my 2nd - 12th choice. I'm too lazy to shop for clothes if I'm really posted to a poly.
Friends is loading very slow for me this few days. Been up to season 6 only. I know, very slow right.

February would be a happy month. Heard that chuck and other shows would be showing again during feb :D
That is something to look forward to, but if MJC accepts me, I should not have enough time to watch shows.

Naruto has become more exciting recently. I feel like a nerd. And up till now I haven't posted my china trip pictures.
I'm just too lazy to upload it to my com. And livejournal cannot upload the pics fast enough. I think..? Must upload 1 by 1.

This few days is rather windy. I like :D
But I'm down with flu I think. Been sneezing a lot. Or maybe its just the dust in my room. Feels like sitting at the park. Which is rather random since parks don't have dust. Oh god I'm so bored.

Someone lend me Friends dvd yeah :D

Thank god.
Omg I swear I'm damn happy.
My studying at BK paid off at last. Should not hold the suspense any more!
L1R5  : 12
L1R4 :   9

Anyway, a lot of bullshit today.
Mr tan and others don't allow people with long hair/colored hair to enter the school.
Bastard sia, last day of school also like that. In the end asked gaoyang help me cut the back a bit.
A lot of others climbed in the school by the back door lmao.

On the whole, I'm damn happy. Thank god so much!1!!!!!11!!1!!1!

P.S : McFly rocks!


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